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Best Flooring To Sell A House

It is natural for people to seek out comfort when entering a home. However, we also want to ensure that each part of the house is durable. This is especially true when it comes time to choose what flooring you want in your home. Each flooring option comes in its own unique texture, pattern, and style that’s sure to catch the attention of potential homebuyers.

When it comes time to sell your home, it may seem like you will be stuck with replacing the flooring and paying for someone else’s luxury. However, there are a few affordable options that will help update your home and increase the value of your home before selling. To make eventually selling your house easier for you, we are here to provide the ideal flooring for your beloved home. We have provided all the information you will need to choose the best flooring to sell a house.

Best Flooring To Sell A House

Popular Types of Flooring Materials

Various types of flooring could be suitable for your home based on your needs. For instance, homes with pets and families might be better off with non-slip porcelain since this type of flooring is unlikely to get scratches. It’s also sometimes known as stone tile. Solid hardwood or tile flooring can also work since the materials are well suited to almost any room.

According to real estate agents, wood flooring is the best flooring option to sell a house fast and also at top dollar. There are countless flooring options that you can choose from and we’d be glad to help you find the best choice for when it comes time to sell your home.


Real hardwood is one of the most traditional and common choices for today’s homes. The main reason it’s so popular is the unique aesthetic that it provides as well as the variety of colors and styles that it can come in. It’s also quite easy to refurbish every three to five years as needed.

Hardwood floors are perfect for shared spaces like the living room despite being a bit expensive compared to other flooring alternatives. According to real estate experts, the average ROI for installing hardwood floors is about 70 to 80 percent. They can also increase the selling price of your home to potential buyers by as much as 2.5 percent.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered wood is an alternate form of hardwood floor that’s more solid than other variants since it’s been engineered for durability. Ultimately, the choice comes down to homeowners on what their needs and preferences are.

Both variants are made from 100% hardwood but engineered hardwood is made out of layers of wood veneer. This unique cross-layer construction allows engineered hardwood to retain the aesthetic and charm of hardwood flooring while ensuring resistance to humid conditions.

Although it is not real wood, engineered hardwood floors are indistinguishable from actual solid hardwood in terms of appearance and sometimes less in price. They also stay in good condition for a long time!

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a more economical choice if you are looking to start a remodeling project to update your home and increase the value before selling. This type of flooring is offered in a variety of styles and is perfect for any area needing to be remodeled like a living room, main floor, small bathroom, or basement.

Water-proof vinyl plank flooring increases the value of your home by offering durability. Kids, pets, parties, and other spill-inducing scenarios can be a nightmare. However, waterproof flooring is a solution that can help you rest at ease. You can rest assured knowing you are investing in a long-lasting floor that will retain its beauty for years to come.

Vinyl plank and vinyl tile floors are an inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors. Lower price and less maintenance? Yes, please!

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile is a common type of flooring and provides an elegant aesthetic to the room. There are a ton of designs and looks to choose from. Ceramic tile is also fully waterproof, durable, and the perfect flooring for kitchens and bathrooms.

This flooring option is more expensive than other options due to its durability. Although the ROI on ceramic tile flooring varies based on the installation costs, the average return on investment when it comes time to sell your home is around 70 percent.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tiles are a classic flooring option that comes in a variety of styles such as marble, granite, sandstone, and travertine. The most durable type of natural stone tile is travertine. The various types of stone tiles will vary in terms of how much care is needed.

Overall, natural stone tiles are durable and come in quite a few shapes, colors, and styles. They’re perfect for radiant heating and are extremely eco-friendly. Stone tile is great for families with kids and pets since it can provide comfort and durability.

Natural stone tile is rather expensive and can be equally pricey to repair should it be damaged so handle it with care. Stone tile such as granite can cost as much as $35 per square foot to install, making it hard to recoup costs when selling your home.

Vinyl or Linoleum

This flooring type is a great alternative for those who want to get their house renovated on a budget without ending up with cheap-looking flooring.

Vinyl synthetic flooring is effective in mimicking floor types like stone, ceramic, or wood. It is also quite durable, rather versatile, and easy to maintain making it a great flooring option if you are in the market to sell.


Carpets are a common choice for living rooms and other relaxing spaces since they are available in a wide array of colors and are quite affordable. The carpet is comfy for the feet to walk on and provides an element of soundproofing.

Soft pads and soft carpets make a statement when selling a home as the potential homebuyer is typically impressed when they step from any hard-surface flooring onto the soft carpet.

Unless brand-new, old carpet can raise questions about the cleanliness of a home and also makes the home seem dated. Potential home buyers look for updates that have been completed and that might make it easier on them during the moving process.

Should you install new carpet before moving?

If a new carpet is installed prior to the new homeowner moving in, there is less hassle during the move-in process. Carpet installation is typically done quickly, so changing the carpet in the bedrooms & hallway or a staircase along with the main floor carpet often refreshes the space.

What Flooring is Best for Resale Value?

There are many types of flooring options to choose from when replacing your floors. However, one type of flooring stands above the rest in terms of improving the resale value of your home.

Hardwood floors offer the most upside when it comes to the return on investment from replacing your floors before selling your home. According to real estate experts, hardwood floors see an average return on investment of 70% to 80%. Therefore, installing hardwood floors can contribute to as much as a 2.5% increase in the sales price of your home!

Although hardwood floors offer the highest ROI when replacing flooring, it is important to consider comps in the area and the current value of your home before deciding. For example, installing marble floors in a $120,000 house wouldn’t improve the overall home value drastically. Homes that are priced in the lower to mid-ranges will benefit tremendously from installing laminate flooring instead.

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