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Broadloom Versus Carpet Tiles

Carpets are one of the most important changes you can make to space, whether the space in question is intended to be a home or a business.

The carpets set the tone, and they absorb most of the foot traffic that space will get over several months or years – and choosing the wrong carpets for the area can mean that space always feels “wrong” but nobody can ever put their finger on why.

Broadloom Versus Carpet Tiles

Choosing carpets isn’t as simple as just making a selection: If you’re currently trying to install the right kind of carpet, you might have already noticed. The number of options available is baffling.

Broadloom versus Carpet Tiles is two of the terms that you might have heard about before.

Here’s how to choose between the option of broadloom versus carpet tiles for your space, compared side-by-side.


Broadloom carpeting can prove to be more expensive owing to the fact that the design is woven through. Carpet tiles are available in many different varieties, and they are more likely to suit varying budgets depending on what your individual needs are.


Broadloom carpeting is available in different varieties and the same is true for carpet tiles: The look they can add to the space is radically different – you will find many designs in color, texture, and style to choose from.

When it comes to looking, no list is going to answer your questions: Compare both, take a closer look and consider viewing a sample of both of the options you want to compliment your space.


Broadloom carpeting can hold up to time well and might last you for years; the same is also true of carpet tiles, and this makes it hard to decide upon one or the other just upon the base of quality alone.

Quality is a reflection of the manufactured fiber and design: It also depends on – of course – the care you take of your carpets.

If an area is going to get a considerable amount of foot traffic, then carpet tiles can sometimes be the better choice of the two – but there are still great times of broadloom carpeting if you want to achieve a certain look.


But how does that make you feel?

The feeling can be one of the most important elements when it comes to making sure you choose the right carpet for your needs – and there’s no good or bad between broadloom carpeting and carpet tiles when it comes to feeling, but you’ll still notice that it’s pretty important when walking over the carpet.

Choose broadloom carpeting for spaces that are prone to plenty of rough foot traffic: Choose carpet tiles for anything in between.

Even if you disagree with the above, it’s a good idea to get a sample of the carpeting you intend to place on your space; Hold it, feel it and consider how it’s going to feel for shoes and feet that cross it.

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