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Can You Install Carpet Over Tile Floor?

So, you’ve got a tile floor. This was a cost-effective solution that offered a number of advantages regarding moisture, durability, aesthetics, and more.

But now your circumstances have changed, and you’re beginning to look into other options. Carpet would be much softer for a young child or a pet, it would be much warmer for relaxing by the fire, and it would help to bring more color into a room that is perhaps a bit drab.

So, what do you do? Do you need to rip up the tiles to install carpet? Or can you simply install carpet over tile floor?

Can You Install Carpet Over Tile Floor?

The good news? There is no reason that you cannot install carpet over tile floor, and in fact there are a number of good reasons to consider doing exactly that.

For example, by leaving tiles underneath a carpet, you’ll be able to take your carpet with you when you move home and still leave some kind of flooring for the next owners/tenants.

And fortunately, laying carpet over a tile floor is not much different from laying it directly on top of cement or concrete. The main challenge here is that tile flooring can often be quite hard and cold. This means that the carpet can end up feeling harder and colder as a result.


The solution is to make sure that you use a very good underlay. This is the springy underlay that lives underneath your carpet and gives it the soft feel that you might notice when walking on a luxury carpet.

Go as thick as possible and this will also help to even out any small areas of unevenness – such as the grouting between the tiles. 10mm is a great starting point. Likewise, you should consider using a thicker carpet with a thick pile.

If your carpets will be straddling different rooms, then you will need a multi-purpose trim that will help to hide any difference in height, shade, or firmness.

Why Install Carpet Over Tile Flooring?

There are many reasons a homeowner may choose to add carpet over tile flooring. If your existing tile flooring is outdated or damaged, installing carpet can improve the overall aesthetic of the room. In other cases, a homeowner may want to add warmer flooring and opt to install the carpet over tile instead of digging out the tiles.

It is important to make sure that you don’t damage the tiles underneath if you hope to be able to use them in the future. It is a good idea to let a professional carpet fitter handle this job for you. Not only will this result in the best-looking finish, but it will also help you to protect the tiles underneath.

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