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Carpet Stain Protection

Carpets have everything to do with the atmosphere and comfort of a space. There are a thousand reasons why you would want to keep your carpet in the same fresh condition as when it was installed. A carpet provides warmth, but also adds to the look and feel of a home or office. Carpets are also unfortunately much more notorious for the accumulation of stains, dust, and dirt than the average tiled space. If you have carpet anywhere, then carpet stain protection should be your first priority. Stained carpets aren’t exactly great to look at. Furthermore, dirty carpets eventually become a hotbed for potential health problems.

Carpet Stain Protection

Want to have a cleaner carpet? Strong carpet protection helps make clean-up easier and gives you extra protection for life’s accidents.

Here’s everything you should know about superior carpet stain protection, and how to make sure that even your oldest carpets always stay fresh.

The Most Common Carpet Stains

Do you have carpet in your home or office? If so, you can bet good money on the fact that it will eventually pick up dust and dirt over time. Carpets see a lot of foot traffic. Eventually, spills and messes are bound to happen.

Spills and messes can really dig into the carpet, especially with sticky substances like soda, wine, and coffee. These types of stains can get worse if they aren’t cleaned immediately.

The most common carpet stains are a shock when they happen. Coffee, tea, tomato sauce, or wine: somehow, it’s always a dark liquid that seems to dig into the very fibers of the carpet itself.

That’s because it’s exactly what stains do.

Stains can also hide worse issues under the surface of the carpet fibers. Where a carpet has become stained, you are more likely to see the collection of bacterial growth. The average carpet contains a lot more bacteria than you would ever think. This is especially true if it has not had a recent clean.

Slow Wear and Quick Messes

The average carpet picks up wear in two ways: through slow wear as well as quick messes.

Slow wear is the type of damage to your carpet that you’ll see after a few months or years after installing a new carpet. However, in these cases, the dust and dirt a carpet can hide become so much more to deal with.

Obviously, the first best thing you can do for your carpet is to never mess or spill a thing. However, this is an impossible task. Eventually, something is going to end up spilling on your carpet.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, usually leaving a huge mess behind for someone to clean up.

What’s Inside a Dirty Carpet?

A carpet stain is far more than just a mark on the carpet.

Under carpet stains, you’ll find the real story. Oftentimes bacterial growth and even mold are taking root in your favorite floor covering.

A dirty carpet might hide more bacteria than the average kitchen surface. Stained, older carpets are notorious as an allergy trigger. Some people will even remove carpets entirely as an allergy source when they could have just taken some preventative care of their carpet.

It’s almost never necessary to pull up an entire carpet unless it has undergone serious water damage.

Prevention of Common Carpet Stains

The best stain protection option available for your carpet is regular deep-cleaning. A carpet deep-clean digs right into the fibers of the carpet to pull out the deepest dust, and any potential dirt or allergens.

Although a carpet deep-clean isn’t a small task, it should be done at least once every year if you want your carpet to remain stain and allergy-free.

The most common carpet issues, including allergies, can be fixed with a deep clean. If you aren’t up to the task yourself, hire a professional – or find a company that rents out carpet cleaning equipment if you would like to do it yourself.

The Best Stain Protection

If you don’t want to deep-clean your carpet all that often, focus more on the short-term maintenance of your carpet by taking better care of spills and stains immediately after they have happened. Common carpet stains are easy to clean. The trick is to use the right type of carpet cleaner – one that oxidizes.

Oxidizing Cleaners

Oxidizing cleaners push oxygen right into the fibers of the carpet, helping to bubble out any of the mess that might be trying to stick. A simple scrub with the right cleaner and allowing the carpet to dry (or using a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner) can take care of even the worst stains – including wine if you add bicarbonate of soda.

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