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Dealing With Pet Stains On Your Carpet

Carpet can bring any room to life and pull all the elements of your design into a cohesive panorama. Homes are made to be lived in, but when you have children or pets, it can mean extra maintenance. More than likely, you will have to deal with pet stains or spills on your carpet.

Dealing With Pet Stains On Your Carpet

In order to help you keep your carpets in pristine condition, we recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean When You Have Pets

Every carpet should get a thorough cleaning at least once a year, but when your pets leave behind spots, they should be treated right away. Pee stains, bathroom accidents, and even tracked in mud can all leave your carpet looking worse for wear. There are some basic indicators that let you know if your carpet needs deep cleaning due to heavy pet traffic:

  • Your carpet is heavily matted or sticky
  • The carpet has dark spots around the chair settings.
  • There are spots on the carpet from pet droppings.
  • Tufts of pet dander are collecting in corners.
  • A large amount of dust plumes up when you walk.
  • There is an odor of animals over the carpet area.
  • The original color of the carpet is no longer clear.

A simple way to manage your carpet cleaning and handle pet stains is to follow a few simple steps in between your professional cleanings. Always check your carpet for colorfastness prior to using any type of cleaning solution.

Most solvents that target pet stains tend to be very strong and pretesting will prevent carpet disfigurement. If you have a smaller carpet area that needs to be cleaned, you can consider blocking off the room and using a foam stain remover that is made to sit on the stain for a time before being cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning For Pet Stains

Carpets are a big part of the overall look in a person’s home, not only does your carpet leave a big first impression on your visitors, but it also helps insulate your home in the winter and also helps to keep it cool during the summer. Just like any other often-used item in your home, your carpet needs the proper care, especially when you encounter pet stains.

There are a few different methods to get rid of stubborn pet stains from carpet. Understanding the type of stain you are dealing with will help you tackle the problem with the right solutions.

Acid stains are the most damaging stains a carpet can get; they ruin the uniformity of your carpet and can’t be repaired. The next most stubborn stains are those made by pets. Pet urine, feces, and vomit can cause discoloration of the fibers if not cleaned immediately.

The moment you see any of these common pet messes, liberally douse the area in a solution of club soda or baking soda and water. After diluting, make a mixture of ten parts of clean water and one part ammonia. Put the mixture on the spot and then soak with an absorbent cotton cloth.

Take plain water and rinse the area to remove all traces of ammonia and allow drying. Then vacuum the spot. Make sure that you allow the area to dry completely to prevent additional stains from foot traffic.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet To Remove Pet Stains

The first step is to vacuum the carpet to get rid of surface debris and pet dander. Next, apply a spot remover that is formulated for pet accidents to any stains on the carpet. If you are shampooing by hand, use a gentle bristle brush that will help loosen the dirt without damaging the fibers.

If you are using a machine, make sure to follow any instructions provided for the best possible results. Take care to immediately wipe any surfaces that come in contact with the cleaning solution such as the legs of any end tables, chairs, or lamps. Allow your carpet to dry overnight and then vacuum with the machine set to the proper height to allow for the maximum fluffing of the fibers.

If your carpets or rugs are hand-made, you will need to pay special attention to your maintenance routine. For professional carpet cleaning; choose a company that specializes in pet stains, but you can also care for these yourself until our next visit. For home deep cleaning, use a mild scent-free detergent to shampoo your carpet.

Contact your Omaha carpet specialists at Carpet Land today for further recommendations and referrals for carpet cleaners.

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