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Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Widest variety of area rugs in Omaha, Lincoln, and Sioux Falls.

Welcome to Nebraska & South Dakota in-stock area rugs selection store!

If you’re looking to refresh a room in your home, make a design statement, maybe shopping for the sports fan in your life or need to add some holiday spirit to your home, an area rug is an easy and great place to start. Whether you’ve recently installed new hardwood floors, tile or laminate flooring, an area rug is the perfect way to help protect those new floors from pets, outdoor debris, kids and life in general

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Area Rug Brands

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At  Carpet Land we offer the largest selection of in-stock area rugs in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska as well as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We carry most major brands in rectangular, round, square, and oval-shaped options. In addition to our large selection of rugs, we also offer custom rugs made from any one of the carpets that we carry in-store. For a more tailored look and feel, you can have the carpet cut to any shape and bound, serged, or fringed.

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Finding Inspiring Rugs

Before buying an area rug, think about your home decor and style goals.  Area rugs have a unique way of bringing together all the elements of a room.  It can add an extra warm and cozy feel to your space and is also an easy way to define a living area; especially in a larger room or in an open concept designed home that are very popular.  An area rug can also infuse comfort, texture and style into your design.  You can even have fun with your design style with rugs by layering different rug sizes, patterns and colors, to create contrast and excitement. 

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Just about any room can use an area rug. It adds instant color and style. And rugs are inspiring! Get your creativity going with the hottest trending rugs—in designs that sparkle with color, pattern, and texture while they spark the imagination!

When you shop, expect to see rugs in myriad shapes, sizes, and price ranges—and in every style, from contemporary to traditional. Here are some things to consider on your way to finding your fave:


Rug designs usually fall into contemporary, traditional, or transitional categories. Each is a distinctive look, and your choice among the three will be a defining decision, highly expressive of your personal style. Generally, geometrics and simple patterns work well in contemporary rooms, while florals and other organics are nice in traditional spaces. A lot of solid rugs are seen now, lending texture, interest, and a very chic look. But if the activity level is high at your house, keep in mind that patterned rugs are forgiving and less likely to show stains!


The color on your floor makes a big impact in the room—so it’s important to give it serious consideration when you’re choosing a rug. Of course, your new rug needs to coordinate—but it can either quietly and subtly complement your décor, make a bold splash as a focal point, or become the basis for your entire design scheme.


Rugs come in both natural and man-made fibers. Wool, silk, cotton, and jute are natural fibers—often prized for their appealing appearance, warmth and, in the case of wool and silk, their luster. But rugs of these fibers are often relatively expensive. On the other hand, rugs of man-made fibers like nylon and polypropylene are usually far cheaper. These rugs can have an elegance that mimics that of natural-fiber rugs. They’re also durable and easy to maintain. Many have recycled content and are even fully recyclable.

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Build Your Own Area Rug

Build your own custom-sized area rug out of any style and color of carpet we have in the store! Choose the type of edge that will fit your home (living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.) best:

Build Your Own Rugs


Serging the edge of the carpet pieces produces a look that seems hand-sewn and is available in a wide array of colors. When finished, a serged edge looks as though a thick fiber has been wrapped around the edge of the carpet continuously, which creates a higher-end look than simple binding. This is the type of carpet stitching that’s commonly seen on manufactured area rugs.


Binding the edge of a carpet involves wrapping a strip of fabric-which is generally made from either polyester or cotton-around the edge of the carpet and stitching it in place. This is done by a carpet-binding machine. Among the benefits of binding a carpet edge in this way are the relatively low cost and the vast selection of binding materials available. There is a significant number of colors from which to choose in binding, meaning that virtually any color of carpet can be matched. By matching the binding to the color of the carpet, the edge of the carpet will blend properly. A contrasting color could be also chosen to create an accent. Find yours today at Carpet Land.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining clean area rugs requires regular vacuuming, which is a crucial step to ensure their longevity and good condition. For rugs with shag, cable, or thick loop pile, it’s advisable to use a vacuum with suction only or an adjustable brush that doesn’t touch the fibers directly. Using a beater bar can potentially damage the rug by causing fuzziness due to excessive agitation. Learn more about how to properly clean an area rug below.

How to Clean an Area Rug: Tips and Tricks

Area rugs are a great way to add texture and color to your living room or any other place in your home. However, area rugs require proper cleaning to maintain their appearance. Here are some tips for rug cleaning:

  1. Check the care label: Make sure you know the rug’s recommended cleaning method before you start.
  2. Spot cleaning: Use a soft bristle brush and warm water with dish soap for small areas of the rug.
  3. Stain removal: Try baking soda and warm water for stubborn stains, or use a carpet shampoo for deep cleaning.
  4. Beater bar: Avoid using a beater bar on wool rugs, as it can damage the fibers.
  5. Excess water: Make sure to remove excess water after cleaning to prevent mold and mildew.
  6. Rug cleaners: Consider professional rug cleaners for deep cleaning, especially if the rug sees a lot of foot traffic.