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New Floor Shopping Guide

You want flooring to complement your unique style as well as the function of the room. This applies to all areas of your home. No matter if you are throwing dinner parties, curling up with the Sunday funnies, or Dog sitting for the neighbors, yet again? Keep in mind how you will use the room.

New Floor Shopping Guide

Imagine the possibilities:

What personality are you trying to create? Smart and sassy? Cool and chic? Moody and mysterious? Maybe you already have some of your own décor to work around, such as your partner’s favorite plaid recliner. Now is the time to open the door to possibilities of new styles and colors (and maybe make some new décor and flooring choices).

Bring your ideas to life:

Torn-out magazine pages. Pinterest ideas. Paint chips. Leaves you plucked from a tree on your dream vacation to Bora Bora. These are the things dream rooms are made of. Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll help make them a reality.

Why Shop For New Flooring In-Store?

See for yourself:

Use the visual aids you have gathered and ask us for similar flooring samples to see if the color and style are what you’re looking for. Take your samples home. Can you live with them? Or without them?

You have options:

It really is all about you. Talk to our sales representative about your lifestyle and tastes. Decide which options work best for you, and learn the benefits of each. Decide what your needs are. For instance, are these high-traffic areas? Are you looking for the most cost-effective choice or the easy-to-clean stain-resistant option? It has to be a good fit.

Discuss your choices:

You have many flooring options to choose from. Hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, engineered hardwood, or laminate flooring, are just a few of the flooring materials to choose from.

Put your ideas to work:

Now that you have all the information, it’s time to really discuss with us the products you’re considering. Do you prefer a rustic or sleek style? Do you like shag carpeting or dramatic patterns? Narrow down your choices and think long-term.

Don’t be afraid to Ask Questions:

We encourage you to find out the details of the sale. Our sales representative will talk with you about installation and discuss the basics of how to maintain your new flooring. Are you unclear on something? Ask us again. We like it—not only do we think you’re being smart, but you’ll be happy in the long run. And that’s our goal.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

When you begin your in-store shopping, your sales representative will probably ask some of the following questions to determine the ideal floor for your home and lifestyle. Even if he or she doesn’t bring up all these points if you’ve thought through them, you’ll be ahead of the game:

Room logistics

How do you use the room? What is the size or square footage of the room? Does it stand alone, or does it open to other rooms or to the outside?


How do you want to feel when you’re in the room? What’s the style of the room and its furnishings?

Risk factors

Will children play in the room? Eat there? Is there an outside door that needs flooring to be water-resistant? Do you have indoor pets? Is there a lot of foot traffic? Will it get a lot of wear and tear?

Expectations for the room

Are you looking for style or practicality in your flooring purchase? What’s the first thing you want to notice when you enter the room? Do you plan to sell your home soon?

The better you can answer these questions, the easier it will be to choose the right flooring for your home.

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