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How Do You Get Rid of Noisy Floors

If there was a list of annoyances in the average home, noisy floors would probably rank as one of the top three. Noisy floors can turn a quiet and peaceful space into something that feels more like a movie scene from Poltergeist. If noisy floors are keeping you and the rest of the household awake at every turn, the good news is that it’s one of the easiest home fixes. Better yet, for most noisy floor repair jobs, you don’t even need an expert.

How Do You Get Rid of Noisy Floors

Here are some of the best, easiest fixes for squeaky floors or sounds coming from under the carpets.

Examine the Floor First

The first step to fixing squeaky wood floors is to find out where the floor is producing the most noise. There is almost always a specific spot (or several) that makes noise when weight is applied, or a specific floorboard or two that can be called the culprit for a lack of silence in the rest of the house.

Before ripping up the finished flooring to solve the problem, seek the cause of the problem first. Mark out any specific squeaky spots with chalk.

Sprinkling with Talc

If the problem behind the noise is simply the fact that there’s too much friction between the floorboards, a simple sprinkling with talc (or baby powder) is enough to fix the problem. Floorboards can creak because of heat, moisture, or the eventual shape. The slightest bit of friction when boards rub usually doesn’t mean you need an entire floor repaired or replaced.

Add a Shim

Gaps can become larger in wooden floorboards over time, and increasing the amount of friction or moving around the floorboards will do just that. If this is the problem with your hardwood floors, then talc isn’t enough to make a difference. However, adding a wood shim in gaps might fix your noisy or squeaky floors

Older wooden floors are more likely to benefit from this method. This simple fix takes a trip to your nearest hardware store, and a few minutes to fix.

Padding the Underfloor

For anything that basic repairs above won’t fix or noisier squeaking that affects several parts of the floor, padding can be the solution. Underfloor padding is available from most hardware stores and is easy enough to implement just by removing the flooring. After the padding is installed simply reinstall the flooring.

Padding can be a cheap solution to what could have been an expensive floor repair job. Even the noisiest floors don’t always need total replacement.

Lubrication for Wooden Floors

Squeaking wooden floors can also sometimes be caused by dryness. Being made of wood, these types of floors can be quite sensitive to changes in moisture. If you hear squeaks more on some days than others, you would be completely correct. This is a result of your wood floor shrinking or expanding.

Adding lubrication and a simple polish to the squeaky joint can do wonders for an aged and dried-out wooden floor. It’s just TLC, but it makes a huge difference to the health of the wood.

Make sure that you’re treating the wood with the correct wood-safe material.

Check the Screws

If your floors won’t stop making noise and you’ve already tried some of the other recommended methods in this article, check the screws and/or nails holding the boards together. Sometimes short screws can lift or pick up damage over time, and a simple replacement is enough to remove the source of the noise.

Make sure that all the floorboards have been properly secured by driving the screws into the subfloor, and replace screws or nails where necessary.

Anti-Squeaking Kits

Believe it or not, squeaking floors are such a common problem that there are anti-squeaking kits you can buy from websites like Amazon. When a noisy floor is caused by one of the most common noise problems that affect wooden or carpeted floors, an anti-squeaking kit can be an easy and affordable way to fix it.

Replace the Wood

If you’ve gone through all or most of the methods in this article to fix a floor that squeaks without success, then it might be time to replace your wood floor. Drastic changes to very old or worn wooden floors can often increase their noise levels. If you want to maintain the same quality wooden flooring in your home, then you will have to replace it.

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