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How to Hide Ugly Floors

Out of all the things that can be a potential eyesore in a home, floors are one of the most common things that owners and tenants dislike about their new property. Yet, ugly floors can be one of the easiest and cheapest things you can hide/fix.

For example, if you have a damaged, unsightly, or wide-open concrete floor in the home, there’s a lot you can do to hide the existing flooring. In other cases, cosmetic damage to your floors (that is, any damage that isn’t structural) can be a cheap and easy home fix.

How to Hide Ugly Floors

Here’s your guide on budget-friendly ways to hide ugly floors with style and class.

What Are Ugly Floors?

Floors can be ugly for many reasons.

Sometimes a floor can become hard to look at when it has picked up cosmetic damage (or when someone has dropped something on hardwood floors too hard). Floor damage is normal, but not always something you can afford to repair – and it’s not always something that you want to look at either.

Floor damage doesn’t always mean that there was an accident. Sometimes it’s just worn. Other times, you’ve ripped up an old carpet and found a disaster underneath. In some cases, a tile floor has been exposed down to the concrete.

An ugly floor can be a lot of things, but know this: it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your house.

Please keep in mind that some types of floor damage (such as mold or mildew) can be more serious and require immediate attention. If you’ll excuse the pun, there are some messes you can’t sweep under the rug (or carpet)!

How to Hide Ugly Floors

Ugly floors aren’t difficult to hide, and they’re not expensive to take care of.

There are fixes that can restore the great look of your environment, and even add some warmth to your space at the same time.

If you have an ugly part of the floor – or you don’t want to look at the whole thing – apply some of these bits of advice and you can create a floor space that you enjoy.

1. Floor Paint

For uncovered concrete floors that are both cold to the look and touch, floor paint is an affordable and quick solution. Some might even consider floor paint a complete miracle! Easy to apply, and quick to dry, floor paint is the perfect way to get more out of your floor.

2. Carpet Installation

Full-room carpeting can be great, though it is a more expensive solution to a naked floor. If you have a budget to cover the floor in a carpet that suits the rest of the room, it can add warmth to the space and give a wonderful look at the same time.

3. Large, Loose Rugs

Is full carpeting not the solution for you? Large, loose rugs can do a lot for the atmosphere of your space. Plus, rugs are often easier to maintain than full carpets. Find the right combination of rugs and you can cover that ugly floor right up with very little work.

4. Traditional Tiles

Traditional tiles have many advantages, including the wide price range they can be found in as well as the large variety. Tiles are a great option to cover up almost any naked floor.

Tiles don’t have to be a cold addition to your space. Try combining tile with loose rugs to keep the warmth inside of your home.

5. Stick-on-Tiles

Traditional, hardened tiles are not the only solution that can cover up an ugly floor in less than a day’s work. There is also the option of peel and stick-on tiles which are easy to apply and can last for decades if they are well maintained.

Designs can be as simple, or as fancy as you wish.

6. Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is back in fashion, though can be more time-consuming than sticking tiles. Imagine the average tiling job, except you have to stick hundreds of them in the right place – each tile until you get closer and closer to the design you’ve chosen.

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