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Laundry Room Top Flooring Options

Getting rid of outdated or worn-out flooring is the easiest way to breathe new life into a laundry room. Of all rooms in a home, the laundry room has often been the most challenging to decorate. What flooring options for your laundry room go best with a washer and dryer?

Laundry room floors face a higher rate of damage due to bleach spills, mold, and even dents from heavy appliances. Depending on the actual location of your laundry room, the floor may also have to serve as a mudroom for wet umbrellas and muddy shoes. The best way to avoid wear and tear is to choose the right material from the outset. Keep reading to learn more about the best flooring for your laundry room to prevent the issues listed above.

Laundry Room Flooring Options

Any material you choose should be affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Easy cleaning is a bonus, but durability still should be at the top of your list. Below, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of our top four Laundry Room Flooring Options.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl is available in a wide assortment of designs and is the most affordable of all flooring options in this article. This floor type comes in larger sheets which can make installation and replacement difficult, however. Sheet vinyl costs around $1 to $4 per square foot and offers the least amount of impact resistance when compared with other types of flooring.

Usually, this type of flooring is glued down to the laundry room subfloor and must be installed by a professional. While this type of flooring is a budget choice, keep in mind that there is no way to repair this material – the entire sheet must be replaced.

Sheet vinyl flooring is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant, and is very easy to clean and maintain. However, sheet vinyl is more prone to denting and tearing as is also cold in the winter months. A properly installed sheet vinyl floor will typically last for five to 15 years.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring is very affordable and is also easy to install or repair. If one tile gets damaged, you can simply have it removed and replaced as opposed to replacing the whole floor. However, tile flooring takes more effort to clean due to the grout and can be slippery when wet.

Ceramic tile cost per square foot starts at $1 and can go as high as $5.

Ceramic tile is a classic choice for laundry rooms, and you can choose from glazed or unglazed, plain or colored, square, or shaped. The options are really endless when it comes to design which can work well to make your laundry room a truly unique place in your home.

Ceramic tiles are highly durable and resistant to staining or even standing water. Their lifespan is generally 20+ years.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile has the appearance of more costly materials, but at a price that is easier on the pocketbook. It can also be installed on top of existing flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is made up of several layers of fused material. Specifically, a traditional vinyl backing, a printed design, and a vinyl core.

Luxury vinyl tile costs more than traditional vinyl and it is recommended to have the material professionally installed.

The top is a heavy-duty wear layer that helps it stand up to scratches, stains, dents, and liquids. Its durability allows it to stand up to the foot traffic and humidity that are common in most laundry rooms.

Luxury vinyl tile is easy to clean and easy to maintain – adding an acrylic sealer can help further its longevity for as many as 25 years. The cost of luxury vinyl tile ranges from $2 to $9 per square foot and installation is generally separate.

Click here to explore laundry room flooring options for luxury vinyl products.

Stone Floors

Stone floors have a pretty high cost but also add the most value to your property. They are very heavy but also have a longer lifespan than most other materials. Stone floors are very durable, but being a natural element, they can chip or break just as they would out in nature.

Depending on the type of natural stone, you choose the cost will vary starting at $7 per square foot and going up, but all options are highly durable.

Cleaning stone will take more dedication and effort than other types of flooring. You will need to use the right PH cleaner for the stone flooring you choose and also have the stones sealed to prevent marking.

Our flooring consultants at Carpet Land will help answer questions on durability, maintenance, and price. Let us help you find your new laundry room flooring today!

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