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Loop Pile vs Cut Pile: Types of Carpets

The two main types of carpets are loop pile carpets and cut pile carpets. With the vast number of carpet styles to choose from, narrowing down your options to either loop or cut pile makes it easier to make a final decision. Each type of carpet has pros and cons, which you should consider when deciding on the best choice for your setting and requirements.

Loop Pile vs Cut Pile: Types of Carpets

Why Choose Carpet?

For hundreds of years, carpets have been installed in homes and buildings. Carpets are used not only for their style and decorative aspect but for other reasons as well. Carpet is great for improving the quality of indoor air because carpets trap the air particles in the breathing area as well as in air circulation systems. These air particles are then easy to vacuum up at a later stage.

Carpets are also good at reducing the noise in an area because they create a softer walking surface as opposed to hardwood floors. Carpets can even help maintain room temperature better because of their ability to retain warmth.

Lastly, carpet is great for creating safer spaces for people who have young children running around the house. If they were to fall and land on a carpet, it would be less harmful than landing on a hardwood floor.

Cut Pile Carpets

Cut pile carpets are identifiable by the ends of the carpet fibers. The ends of the cut pile carpet are exposed because they have been sheared. This carpet style comes in various thicknesses and lengths.

The most important factor to consider is the twist contained by the carpet. This helps the carpet stand up to traffic, and resist crushing and matting over time. If the twist is tighter, the more durable the carpet is. The heavier the twist is, the more it helps in hiding dirt and the wear on the carpet pattern.

Cut pile carpets are a popular style of carpet for homes because they offer a softer touch on the underfoot in comparison to the loop pile carpet types. Although most cut pile carpets are made out of polyester or wool, the most popular material is nylon.

Loop Pile Carpets

Opposite to cut pile carpet, loop pile carpets are not sheared on the ends. Instead, the loops are left and come in different thicknesses and weights. These types of carpets allow manufacturers to create many different textures and patterns. Loop pile carpets are a popular choice for family rooms, game rooms, and offices, because of their patterns and durability. Loop pile carpet types are common in residential as well as commercial applications.

Similar to the twists in cut pile carpets, looking at the tightness of the loop on the carpet will help determine its resistance to crushing and matting over time. Loops can also be twisted to further increase the carpet’s durability. It is important to remember that when the carpet is being vacuumed or furniture is moved over it, the loops are at risk of being pulled out, thereby damaging the carpet.

Loop pile carpets can be made from wool or olefin. Similar to cut pile carpets, nylon is the most popular material choice because of its durability.

What Type of Carpet is Best For Your Home?

When deciding on which type of carpet is best suited for your home, it is more about personal preference as these two popular types of carpets come in various different styles. Both types of carpet offer durable options and can work in any residential space.

If you are looking at carpet styles for commercial use, we suggest looking at loop pile carpets made with tight loops. Tight loops that have been twisted for extra durability will ensure the carpet can withstand the test of time in your building.

Determine which type of carpet you prefer and then investigate styles that are available to you. It can help to gather images online by searching for ideas that other individuals have used in their homes. This is a great way to assist in making a choice that will suit you.

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