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Nylon vs Polyester Carpet

Carpet flooring has more than a few distinct advantages. You can look forward to warmth, better insulation (lower energy costs), and excellent soundproofing when you choose carpets. Carpets are also safer for young children and senior citizens because they offer a softer landing and are less slippery than other floor types. Carpet flooring is also a very affordable choice, especially if you choose synthetic carpet fibers. Nylon vs Polyester Carpet: Two of the world’s most popular synthetic fibers, are common choices for carpets. Let’s compare!

Nylon vs Polyester Carpet

Have you already narrowed your options down to polyester or nylon? Great, you’re well on your way to enjoying a new carpet! This guide will get you the rest of the way.

Nylon vs Polyester: What Is the Difference Between These Synthetic Fibers?

Most people know that nylon and polyester are synthetic fibers and might assume that the two are roughly the same. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Nylon is strong, lightweight, and incredibly durable — it won’t show signs of wear and tear even with repeated daily use. Nylon is also easy to keep clean and resists stains. Finally, this synthetic fabric, nylon, has excellent insulating properties that prevent heat from leaching. However, nylon isn’t heat-resistant and becomes static quickly.

Polyester is durable and robust, as well as water-resistant. As you already know if you own any polyester clothing, this material dries very quickly if it does get wet. Polyester is softer than nylon. It is also stain-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Both fabrics have qualities that make them excellent for carpets, so how do you choose between the two? The answer is simple — take a good look at your needs, and allow them to guide you in your carpet-shopping adventure.

Nylon vs Polyester: Which Kind of Carpet Is More Durable?

Nylon is a synthetic fabric with a long history. This carpet option is so famous for being durable that the US military extensively used nylon during the Second World War — including to manufacture parachutes!

Nylon is the undisputed winner if you want a carpet you can rely on for years. Although polyester is available in various qualities, the material is less durable overall. Polyester is also less scratch-resistant, which means you’ll see visible signs of wear and tear sooner. Avoid using polyester carpets in high-traffic areas.

Nylon vs Polyester: Which Kind of Carpet Is More Affordable?

Nylon is the most expensive synthetic fiber on the market. Unfortunately, you’ll pay more upfront if you decide to go with nylon carpeting unless you are willing to go with a lower-quality nylon carpet.

The fact that nylon carpets cost more doesn’t mean that polyester carpets are worth more bang for your buck, however! Because polyester wears out more quickly, polyester carpets also have to be replaced sooner.

In this case, creative accounting can make a difference — the “cost per year” can be lower if you go with nylon carpets because they are more durable.

Nylon vs Polyester: Which Kind of Carpet Is Softer?

Everyone in the market for a new carpet floor looks forward to a warm, soft surface to hug their bare feet. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules. Nylon and polyester carpets can be equally fluffy and cozy.

Nylon vs Polyester: Which Kind of Carpet Is More Stain- and Water-Resistant?

Households with small children or messy pets need stain-resistant carpeting that’s easy to maintain. Polyester performs better in regards to stain protection — the fabric is excellent at repelling water and doesn’t shrink. As previously mentioned, polyester carpets also dry quickly when they get wet.

Although polyester is easy to dye (which means it also stains easily in its natural state), polyester carpets are treated to make them stain-resistant.

Nylon carpets are fairly stain-resistant, but they are also rather absorbent. That means nylon carpets that get wet take much longer to dry.

Nylon vs Polyester: Which Is Better for the Environment?

PET polyester is frequently the most environmentally-friendly carpet choice. That is because this type of polyester usually incorporates recycled materials. However, people who would prefer a nylon carpet can rest assured knowing that recycled nylon options are also available.

Nylon vs Polyester Carpets: A Final Word

Nylon and polyester carpets are both popular, but for different reasons. There is no clear winner, and the best carpet for your home depends on your wants and needs.

It’s best to go with a nylon carpet if durability is your priority. However, if you want a cheaper carpet option that’s also more water-resistant, polyester is the right choice.

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