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Can You Carpet a Room With Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants can be used to cover a floor in a number of ways and can save you money. These rolls are typically the balance piece of a large stock roll of running-line goods. These are all sold at low prices and can be cut down to your exact specifications. Here are some ideas of how to use remnants in your home.

Can You Carpet a Room With Remnants?

Carpet smaller rooms

Buying carpet remnants or using carpet remnants from another room might not work for carpeting a big room such as a living room. However, it’s possible it is big enough to cover a bedroom floor. In a small room, there will only be a couple of joins. Therefore, if the remnant isn’t quite big enough and offcuts need to be used to fill in the gaps.

An alternative solution for a remnant that isn’t quite big enough is to ask the store to cut it into carpet squares. Pairing these carpet squares along with another remnant of similar or contrasting colors will allow you to create a design of your own. Another idea would be to have plain carpeting mixed with patterned carpeting, to create a unique effect.

Make Over

Is your fitted carpet starting to look threadbare in high traffic areas or badly stained? If so, shop for a complimentary or contrasting offcut to have bound into an area rug or a runner. If you want to give a room a makeover by adding a sizeable rug, consider pairing it with new, colored drapes. A large rug under a dining table always looks good. So does a rug under the coffee table. Not only do rugs look good, but they also add warmth to polished concrete or wooden floors. High-quality carpet remnants can also be used to carpet the stairs. Do you prefer to leave a portion of the stair exposed on either side? This look is easy to achieve and looks great on wooden staircases.


While some people choose to sell remnants, we highly recommend hanging on to the offcuts when you have your carpeting replaced. Having the offcuts from the fitted carpet is handy when it comes to accidents involving adults, children, and pets. Carpets do get stained, mud gets walked into them, and pets can add unwelcome, permanent fragrances to them. Pets can also damage new carpets by scratching. Depending on the extent of the damage, and the age of the carpet, you can opt for an insurance claim with a co-pay, or have a professional repair the carpet. In the hands of an expert, a damaged or stained area of carpeting can be almost seamlessly removed and replaced with an offcut.

Messy Pet Protection

Many indoor pets have special places around the house they like to lay down in. A remnant can be placed on top of these areas to protect the fitted carpet from their shedding, dirty paw prints, and chewing toy drool. A dog-damaged rug is easier and cheaper to replace than a fitted carpet. Cat mess is a bit trickier because, although cats are too proud to drool, they will shed where they please.

Shop hands-on

Invest in the time to shop in-store instead of online. Textures and colors may look different from pictures to personal view. Not only will this allow you to inspect the quality before buying, but you will also be able to run your hand over the pile to test how it feels between your fingers and your toes.

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