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What is the Best Flooring Color?

Flooring is one of the most important elements in your home. Floors take up a lot of square footage and you and your loved ones walk on them constantly. As such, you want them to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. However, you also want to make sure that they are durable and easy to clean – after all, floors collect a whole lot of dirt. Whether you’re building a brand new house or remodeling your existing home, trying to pick out the right color for your flooring can be a challenging task. There are so many different hues and materials to choose from. Because floors take up so much space, the color of the floors set the tone for an entire room – or the entire house!

What is the Best Flooring Color?

How do you go about selecting the best color for your home’s flooring? Hardwood, carpeting, and even area rugs; whatever type of flooring materials you’re looking for, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect hue for your home.

Consider your taste

First and foremost, when you’re trying to pick out a color for your home’s flooring, you’re going to want to consider your specific taste. You will also need to understand the look that you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to make a bold statement? Would you like a more cohesive look? Or, are you interested in going with something neutral that will work with a variety of different interior styles? Considering your taste and the look you’d like for the space is a good starting point. This information will help you eliminate colors that you know you definitely don’t want and will help to put you on the path for colors that you like.

Consider the material

Consider the type of flooring you’re installing; hardwood, tile, carpeting, area rugs. There are so many different flooring materials, and each option comes in an assortment of hues. Keep in mind that colors will look different from one material to another. For example, dark brown will look totally different on a hardwood floor stain than it will on an area rug. This is why considering the material you would like to install is so important.

Think about the traffic

Another super-important factor that you’re going to want to consider when you’re trying to decide what color to use for your flooring is the amount of traffic the floor receives. If it’s a high-traffic space, it’s going to get dirty a whole lot faster than it would if it were a low-traffic area. For example, a master bedroom suite. In high-traffic zones, colors and patterns that conceal dirt and debris are highly recommended.

The function of the space

In addition to the amount of foot traffic the space receives, you’re also going to want to consider the function of the area. Obviously, the function of the space will have a huge impact on the amount of dirt and debris the floor will be exposed to. There’s a big difference between a dining room and an office, or a den and a kitchen. By taking the function of the space that you’re putting the flooring in into consideration, you’ll be able to pick out a color that’s well-suited for the area.


It’s a good idea to think about how long you want the flooring to last, too. Do you plan on having the flooring for a long time, or will you be replacing it within a year or two? If the latter is the case, going with a neutral hue is your best bet. With this hue, you won’t have to worry about tying the flooring into the décor whenever you decide that you want to update the décor. On the other hand, if the former is the case and you don’t mind upgrading the flooring on a regular basis, you might feel more at ease picking a busier and bolder color and/or pattern for your floors.

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