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What Should I Put on My Entryway Floor?

The entryway (foyer or entrance hall) is the area that leads into the rest of the house. This part of the home is directly seen after someone has entered through the front door of the house. While not all homes are built with the benefits of an entryway in mind, it’s something that homeowners can use to great effect to add to the look and feel of the house. An entryway is there to make a statement, and the type of floor you use can influence how guests feel when they enter the house.

What Should I Put on My Entryway Floor?

When people walk through the entryway, they walk into the rest of the home. A good entryway should create a friendly space through which people are able to pass. For the best entryway possible, put some serious thought into what you can do with the space you have.

Here’s the ultimate guide to what you should put on your entryway floor.

The Entryway to the Home

An entrance passage or entryway isn’t just a pretty thing for friends and family members to look at. The entrance to your home actually serves a practical purpose for the rest of the house. When people walk through an entryway, it’s a chance for informal (or more formal) introductions.

More than this, an entryway is a good place for visitors to leave their jackets, hats, or other belongings as they enter the rest of the home.

Sometimes, the presence of an area rug can help visitors to track off their dirt and dust before they move to the rest of the house. Originally, most of the purpose of an entryway was to get the dirt off shoes in times when roads looked a little more rugged.

Today, an entryway isn’t just to get the mud off your shoes, even though that’s one of the things you can use it for. Instead, an entryway is stylish, and an introduction to the rest of the house.

Why Floors Matter

The floor style you choose for your entryway will impact the way that the space feels, moves, and sounds. Carpeted floors do not move over the same way as floor tiles or natural stone flooring. Know that your individual entryway flooring choice makes one large impact on the rest of your house.

What types of floors would you prefer for your home entryway?

As it turns out, there’s a whole lot that you can do with it.

Option #1: The Carpeted Entryway Floor

The first option for homeowners who want to spruce up their entryway floor is carpet.

While carpets can add warmth and comfort to the entryway space, they can also have their drawbacks. A carpet requires thorough cleaning (and more often) than other surfaces. If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, carpets absorb an unfortunate amount of moisture and dirt in comparison to hardwood flooring options.

Nonetheless, if your entryway feels cold and impersonal, the carpeted entryway floor is one of your best choices to bring life to the space.

Carpets can introduce warmth, or remove an echo from an entryway by absorbing some of the noise.

Option #2: The Stone Entryway Floor

Stone flooring is an affordable option with a vast array of different stone-finish choices. Natural stone can bring some elegance to both small entryways and large entryways.

If you choose stone for your entryway floor, the first benefit is that stone is extremely durable. Second, stone flooring is also very easy to clean and can withstand everyday wear and tear. As long as stains are not left to absorb into stone, all it needs is a simple spray-and-dry.

Stone does not absorb moisture or dirt as readily as carpet and still adds to the warmth of your space.

Option #3: The Tile Entryway Floor

If you don’t want to choose stone, porcelain tile or ceramic tile are also great entryway ideas for your flooring.

Tile flooring can be the perfect entrance hall covering if you aren’t worried about sound absorption. Tile is also a great flooring option if you are concerned about making the entryway look as elegant as possible.

Tiles remain easy to clean, and most types of entryway tiles (ceramic) won’t absorb bacteria or dirt. This makes the flooring style great for high-traffic areas such as the entryway.

When it comes to tiles, this flooring style provides the most to contribute to a luxurious atmosphere, but almost requires the least amount of effort to maintain.

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