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What Type of Flooring Do Homebuyers Love

Homebuyers have different preferences when it comes to the type of flooring their house will have. A house’s flooring can make a huge difference in how the home looks. There are dozens of flooring types available on the market, and as a result, picking a specific material for your house’s flooring can be difficult. That is why we are providing you a list of various flooring materials that most homebuyers love.

What Type of Flooring Do Homebuyers Love


This type of flooring is on top of the list for homebuyers and contractors alike. For centuries, many have used hardwood as their flooring in their homes. Its quality and ability to handle foot traffic depends on what type of tree is used to make the hardwood. Choosing the appropriate wood to use as flooring in your house ensures that your floor won’t experience any possible issues. Usually, homeowners use oak, cherry, hickory, or walnut as materials for their hardwood flooring. Most homeowners prefer hardwood flooring because it can give a timeless look and can easily be refurbished.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is made from hardwood and plywood. Compared to hardwood, an engineered wood flooring consists of layers from both types of wood. Its advantage against solid hardwood is that engineered wood flooring has a moisture barrier that prevents moisture from seeping inside the floor, which avoids most issues encountered in hardwood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is durable and is expected to be of high quality. Another benefit to this type of flooring is that it can easily be installed on most levels of your home. Homeowners use this type of flooring material when their houses are in areas with high humidity levels and when they want a more cost-effective option. Like hardwood floors, engineered wood floors can come from various trees like oak, cherry, and hickory.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank flooring might be an attractive option for buyers who love the look of hardwood but cannot afford the cost of it in their budget. This type of flooring has the appearance of more costly materials, but at a price that is easier on the pocketbook. It can also be installed on top of existing flooring. It does cost more than traditional vinyl and it is recommended to have the material professionally installed. Luxury vinyl tile is made up of several layers of fused material. Specifically, a traditional vinyl backing, a printed design, and a vinyl core.


The top is a heavy-duty wear layer that helps it stand up to scratches, stains, dents, and liquids. Its durability allows it to stand up to the foot traffic and humidity that are common in most laundry rooms, bathrooms & kitchens. This material is now more commonly seen installed in larger areas, such as entire main floors or large portions of a basement. Vinyl plank is easy to clean and maintain and is a great flooring option for your home.

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Linoleum flooring is made from renewable, biodegradable materials like linseed oil and cork. Linoleum is considered an environmentally friendly material and comes in sheets. To install it, you’ll need to glue the product directly to the floor using a strong adhesive. The sheets feature mineral pigments that create a variety of rich colors and patterns, and they may be sealed with a protective coating to prevent staining and wear. Linoleum is meant to last a long time and is great for multiple areas of the home.


This type of flooring is one of the most versatile flooring types. Its many colors, textures, shapes, and sizes make it an option that could coordinate well with any room in your home. The tiles are made by combining a mixture of clay and shale and then firing it in a kiln to harden the ceramic. Pigments added to the compound give you a variety of color choices in ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile offers a versatile design that works well in many different rooms of the home, tile is especially common in kitchens and bathrooms, both on floors and walls, as well as in outdoor spaces.

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